Looking for a Tutor? Make Sure They Have These 5 Vital Traits
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Looking for a Tutor? Make Sure They Have These 5 Vital Traits

Looking for a Tutor? Make Sure They Have These 5 Vital Traits

Consider a tutor as the third link in the student-teacher relationship, providing extra support in your kid’s education and development. They also ensure children get to do their homework, even when you’re not around. But the amount and level of support your child receives will depend on the kind of tutor you hire.

What vital traits do a successful tutor have?

  1. Build strong relationship with students

A tutor is expected to help build a student’s confidence, improve his study skills and encourage progress. But this won’t be possible without a good relationship established between a student and a tutor. It is, after all, foundational to student success. Trust and respect are also two essential ingredients that help students learn well and allow tutors to personalise learning, minimise a student’s weakness and teach strength.

  1. Meet the needs of a student

A good tutor sets goals for students, but a successful one would ensure the goal set is manageable. They would tailor-fit lessons to meet student’s needs and build it up with more challenging exercises. They will cover easier topics first, and then encourage students to pursue more difficult ones.

  1. Effectively communicate with parents and/or teachers

Parents and teachers must have an insight with regard to the child’s progress and other information that will prove helpful to the student. A successful tutor will not have a problem communicating their findings and to ensure parents that their expectations are being met. It is also important that they know their child’s characteristics and learning preferences. Providing feedback after every lesson is also one of the best ways for parents to keep track of their child’s progress.

  1. Have expertise on a specific content

A tutor with expertise in their academic content will make learning real, rigorous and relevant, for the simple reason that they know the concept of the subject as well as the ideas and problems around it. This enables a successful tutor to facilitate project-based learning sessions with real life applications, instead of rote worksheets or abstract assignments.

  1. Values professionalism, flexible and patient

One of the most valuable traits of a tutor is the ability to act in a professional manner in dealing with the students, parents and teachers. This constitutes treating all information about a student in the strictest of confidence.

A successful tutor must be flexible enough to adjust techniques and teaching approaches to meet the needs of each individual student. Where students are concerned, especially those that have learning difficulties, their patience should have no limits as well.

Why Regal Tutors are the right choice

If you’re looking for tutors that have the vital traits listed above, you won’t go wrong in hiring one from Regal Tutors. Our team of private tutors understands the value of helping children reach their full potential in school and outside of it.

We can assist with children facing educational obstacles, such as hearing loss, speech impairment, dyslexia or dyspraxia. So not only are we effective tutors, but partners with parents as well.

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