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London based tuition agency and education consultant. Providing advice and structuring programs for success. Empowering Students to achieve.

Private Tutors in London

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  • Common entrance exams
    • 7+
    • 11+
    • 13+
  • GCSE
  • BTEC
  • A Levels
  • Other exam assistance available also – please enquire for further information

Sometimes despite students completely understanding a subject’s content, they don’t seem to be able to pass exams. Exam technique is equally as important as the subject content when it comes to achieving those high grades. As a private tutors in London, here at Regal we offer a unique consultancy service that teaches important exam techniques, which we then put to practice with Mock examinations, with thorough marking and critiques, allowing students to excel on the day.

  • 10 hours of private tuition package:
    • 10 hours of tuition in chosen subject field
    • Either 1 standard consultancy session or 1 free hour of tuition
  • 20 hours of private tuition package:
    • Includes 20 hours of tuition in chosen subject field
    • 1 standard consultancy session
    • 1 free hour of tuition in chosen subject

Prices can vary on Location. Please contact us for further details.

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It is understandable that parents will want the best for their children, and if there is any way to provide your child with a helping hand that will enable them to achieve more in life, most parents will show an interest. This is why the research which indicates that hiring a tutor positively impacts on a student’s future is so important. Any parent that is looking to place their child into a prestigious school or university will know that competition is increasing all the time.


The increased level of competition means that more and more parents are looking for ways to provide their child with an advantage and estimates suggest that close to 50% of London students are tutored privately. This increases the standard of competition every year, making it even more difficult for children to reach the educational standards that the major bodies are looking for. This means that if you aren’t looking into hiring one of the leading private tutors London has to offer, you could be seriously disadvantaging your child.


At Regal Tutors, we provide assistance for a wide range of exams, including common entrance exams, 7+, 11+, 13+ exams, GSCE, BTEC and A-Level exams. If you require help with any other exams or a particular project, please get in touch and we will be more than happy to help. We believe that the best private tutors London has to offer provide a bespoke service that is tailored to the needs of their individual student, so come and see us and we will help you find the best standard of tutoring for your needs.


Your child will benefit in many ways through working with a private tutor


While parents hire private tutors to assist their child with core subjects, a private tutor can assist in developing time management skills, in developing strategies to pay attention and focus in class and to develop an understanding of what is important in the classroom.


A private tutor can assist with specific obstacles


There are many obstacles that some children face in the educational process, such as dyspraxia, dyslexia, hearing loss or speech impairment. The most effective private tutor London has to offer can assist in communicating with your child and helping them to develop. The one on one aspect of private tutoring is of substantial benefit but a skilled and experienced tutor will be able to create a bespoke lesson and study plan that is appropriate for your child, helping them to progress at their own pace.


Modern day private tutors offer many benefits


Modern day private tutoring is flexible and convenient, fitting around your busy schedule, ensuring that your child has time for study alongside play and exercise. At Regal Tutors, we provide the most effective private tutor service London has to offer and whether you feel your child needs a helping hand to realise their potential or needs to be challenged to ensure they maintain high standards, our bespoke tutorial plans and packages are ideally suited to your needs.


Calling on the best standard of private tutors London can provide will help you to set goals for your child and for your child to reach these goals. These goals can be flexible, tailored to particular requirements or altered and updated to move with the development of your child. There is always a need to move forward and hiring a private tutor will ensure that your child is educationally stimulated and challenged, at all times.


Modern life can be hectic and busy for many parents and whether you feel as though you are unable to devote enough time to your child’s education or you want to provide them with the best tools to develop a career, hiring a private tutor is a sensible decision.

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